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  An exciting interactive game experience for family and friends   

Great for team building       Challenging Puzzles

All bookings are private.  No strangers, ever.




What is an Escape Room?

Our Escape Rooms are fun, entertaining live games. Players are required to solve puzzles with different levels of difficulty, search for clues, communicate and work together as a team in order to exit the room you are locked inside.

Wait a minute. hold up, am I really locked in a room?

Yes and no. The idea is to be locked in a room and find your way out, which you are for the most part. But, don't worry. There's an emergency exit button inside the locked rooms for you to push should you feel the need to leave for any reason.

Will I be put in a room with strangers?

No, we are the only escape room in Pensacola that doesn't allow strangers to book with you.  Book with confidence. 

Is there an age requirement?

For safety reasons, children must be over 4 years of age. Strollers are not allowed. Because some puzzles are too difficult for younger children to understand or themed too scary, we recommend 12 years of age to participate. Additionally, we require all minors under the age of 16 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  

Can I use my cellphone for help or to take pics while inside?

Absolutely not, sorry. We don't want anything to be given away to future players. No photo or video is allowed while inside the game. But, we will take a pic of you and your party after your time spent in the room, whether you escape in time or not.

What do we get for beating the room in record time?

Bragging rights!!

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Any other questions please

call us (850) 293-0661

email us info@exitplanpensacola.com

or send us a message on Facebook


 $24 per person

All bookings must be made 2 hours in advance 

At this time we are not accepting walk-ins 

You and your team have joined the search for Professor Desmond Hughes, who has been conducting research on a mysterious Egyptian tomb.  During his exploration he took more than just his research notes and hasn't been heard from in a few months. Do you have what it takes to uncover his secrets, and exit before the ancient curse of the tomb consumes you too?

* Minimum 4 recommended due to difficulty 

* Difficulty Medium to Hard


As you and your team get closer and closer to solving a recent kidnapping case you also discover that one of your fellow agents is the one who you have been after all along. Only he has a secret agenda and has decided to take his own action on the ones who did him wrong. 

* Your team will be split for the first part of the experience. 1 or 2 members of your party will be placed in a smaller, darker room. An emergency exit is available.  

* Difficulty Medium 



 An old witch, living alone in the woods had a spell cast against her to banish her soul, by a pair of evil sisters. As you and your group stumble upon her abandoned cabin in the woods you are trapped inside. The spirit of the witch is there to help you  in leading the way to free her spirit and yourself. 

*6 people maximum   

*Difficulty Easy to Medium


Pensacola's Newest Escape Room